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Ground Nut Processing Machine

European Product Design Award-Nominated Decorticator Machine From Rajkot, Gujarat We Celebrate The Hard Work And Ingenuity Of Our Engineering And Production Teams! Our Decorticator Machine Has Been Nominated For The Prestigious European Product Design Award. Let’s Delve Into The Details:
  1. What Is A Decorticator Machine?
    • decorticator is a specialized machine used to remove the outer shell (husk or coat) from various seeds and nuts.
    • It plays a crucial role in processing agricultural commodities, ensuring that we obtain high-quality kernels.
  2. Applications And Commodities:
    • Our decorticator machine finds applications in various commodities:
      • Groundnut (Peanut): It efficiently removes the shelled groundnut husk, leaving behind fine peanut kernels.
      • Sunflower Seed: The machine can also process sunflower seeds, separating the edible part from the outer covering.
      • Safflower Seed: Similar to sunflower seeds, safflower seeds benefit from decortication.
      • Soybean: Soybeans can be processed to obtain soybean kernels.
      • Garlic Bulb Breaking: For garlic, the decorticator helps break the bulbs and extract individual cloves.
      • Neem Seed: Neem seeds are another commodity that benefits from this process.
      • Tamarind Seed: Tamarind seeds can be decorticated to obtain the inner kernel.
  3. Oil Extraction:
    • If you’re aiming to extract oil from groundnuts, the decorticator is essential.
    • Fresh, fine kernels obtained from the decorticator are used for oil extraction.
    • These kernels are rich in oil content and serve as the starting point for oil production.
  4. Make In India, Made In Rajkot:
    • We take immense pride in our product, which is not only designed but also developed in Rajkot, Gujarat.
    • It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality.

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